how are you meaning in hindi

The phrase “how are you?” translates to “आप कैसे हैं?” in Hindi. In English transliteration, it is written as “aap kaise hain?”

Let’s break down the Hindi translation of “how are you?” and provide a detailed explanation:

  1. आप (aap):
    • Meaning: You
    • Usage: It is a respectful way of referring to someone in Hindi, typically someone older or of the same age. In Hindi, there are other words for “you” such as “तुम (tum)” which is less formal and “तू (tu)” which is quite informal.
  2. कैसे (kaise):
    • Meaning: How
    • Usage: It is used to inquire or question the manner or condition of something.
  3. हैं (hain):
    • Meaning: Are
    • Usage: It is a verb that can be used in the context of being or existing. In Hindi, verbs agree with the gender and number of the subject, but in this specific context, “हैं” is used as a plural form out of respect. If you were using the informal “तुम,” the verb would be “हो (ho).”

So, when you put these words together, “आप कैसे हैं?” translates to “How are you?” in English. The structure of questions in Hindi can be different from English. Instead of placing the verb at the beginning as in “are you,” Hindi usually places the verb at the end, resulting in a structure akin to “you how are?”

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