what meaning in hindi

let’s delve into the Hindi word for “what” which is “क्या” (kyā) in a detailed manner.

  1. क्या (kyā):
    • Meaning: What
    • Usage: This word is versatile in Hindi and is used in various contexts to form questions, similar to how “what” is used in English.

Here are some different ways “क्या” (kyā) is used in Hindi:

a) Direct Question: As a direct interrogative to seek information.

  • Example:
    • English: What is this?
    • Hindi: यह क्या है?
    • Transliteration: Yah kyā hai?

b) Exclamation: To express surprise or disbelief.

  • Example:
    • English: What! He did that?
    • Hindi: क्या! उसने वह किया?
    • Transliteration: Kyā! Usne vah kiyā?

c) Confirmation: When placed at the end of a statement, it turns the statement into a question to seek confirmation.

  • Example:
    • English: You are coming, right?
    • Hindi: आप आ रहे हैं, क्या?
    • Transliteration: Aap ā rahe hain, kyā?

d) Rhetorical Usage: In some contexts, “क्या” is used in a rhetorical manner where an answer is not really expected.

  • Example:
    • English: What times we live in!
    • Hindi: हम किस समय में जी रहे हैं, क्या!
    • Transliteration: Hum kis samay mein jī rahe hain, kyā!

These examples showcase the diverse ways in which “क्या” (kyā) can be employed in Hindi. Its positioning in a sentence and its context determine its specific meaning and function.

Let’s understand its usage with some examples:

  1. English: What is your name? Hindi: आपका नाम क्या है? Transliteration: Aapka naam kyā hai?
  2. English: What are you doing? Hindi: आप क्या कर रहे हैं? Transliteration: Aap kyā kar rahe hain?
  3. English: What is this? Hindi: यह क्या है? Transliteration: Yah kyā hai?
  4. English: What happened? Hindi: क्या हुआ? Transliteration: Kyā huā?

In these examples, you can observe how “क्या” (kyā) is used to represent the English word “what.” It’s primarily used to frame questions in Hindi.

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